Chamber Music Information for Current Students

Thank you for your interest in participating in chamber music at Michigan! There are four steps to the process of forming chamber music ensembles:

  1. Questionnaire: first step is to fill out the questionnaire which goes out in August (for the fall semester) and December (for the winter semester). You can fill out this questionnaire as a pre-formed group, a partially-formed group looking for another member or two, or a “free agent” looking to be placed in a group.
  2. Placement: the coordinators consider all the questionnaire results and place students into groups. We are primarily concerned about fit and requirement. Fit is important because groups that want to play together play together better. And we want to make sure that students who need to be in a chamber music group in a particular semester in order to graduate on time are given preference in placement over students who have longer to achieve their goals.
  3. Overrides: when placement is complete, students are notified of their group and coaching assignment, and registration overrides are issued.
  4. Registration: students use the overrides they’ve been given to register for the appropriate chamber music class through Wolverine Access.


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