Flute Studio

Each year there are 16-18 members in the Flute studio from all over the world, with future degrees of Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music with teaching Certificate, Bachelor of Musical Arts in addition to Masters Degrees and Doctorate of Musical Arts. I choose 4-5 students each year out of the 85 flutists that apply, and that is not based on a quota I need to fill. It simply varies every year.

As far as playing goes, everyone has the same training in excerpts, solo repertoire and chamber music and everyone studies with me. The academic standards are high as well. I hope that all flutists that I graduate will be able to compete with their peers in the outside world on the same level as if they had graduated from a conservatory. I also see the benefits of Michigan as a large university with many wonderful opportunities right in our back yard. North Campus is quiet and removed from Central Campus, situated on a pond with access to everything within walking distance or free bus ride.

Dr. Amy Porter, Professor of Flute

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Everyone comes prepared to lessons with a recording device. This will be your greatest investment. Video or record yourself practicing, your lessons, your orchestral excerpts etc. When the time comes to make a recording or DVD for competitions and summer festivals, there will be no surprises. You will be used to hearing yourself and you will have survived the normal depression that comes with taping yourself! Recording your lessons keeps me with you throughout the week and able to remind yourself what I said, your assignments for the week and how you improved! Don’t look for immediate improvement after every lesson. Just know that you’ve grown and matured a little bit each time.

Keep a Flute Notebook! Transcribe onto paper what you feel is most important from your tapes. Also I can use this to write exercises in and you can use it to take notes in Studio Class.

Everyone will get a FOCUS SHEET to begin the year. This will bring YOUR ideas and technical desires to the forefront of your mind and then you can bring it to me for review at your first lesson. After we spend some time analyzing where and how you want to improve your playing we can leave the focus sheet, returning to it and the end of the semesters to see what has been addressed and what still needs work. I like to work on the entire flutist, not just tell you how to play a certain phrase a certain way and, write it in your part, only to be forgotten in the next piece!

We will start a repertoire list. Pieces you have played and then pieces you want to play. After that I can add certain pieces that will be required by me for your level of playing. You are allowed to borrow music and CD’s from me after you have checked to see if the library has what you need. First Years: You, more than likely, will spend time with me on basics according to your needs. The repertoire blitz will come later!

Mondays 4:40-6:30 in Stearns Bldg. Up the hill. This is a great 2 hours of dialogue, hearing others play and getting to play in masterclasses with our featured flute guests.

There are one silver Muramatsu Flute, one Powell piccolo, two alto flutes, a Bass flute and a Baroque flute for your use in school. Priority is given to the ensembles first, then recitals, then outside gigs last.

The University of Michigan provides a large number of performance opportunities including bands, orchestras, jazz, chamber ensembles, and more.