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Information for Students


What is Performance Outreach?

Performance Outreach refers to presentations for diverse audiences that take place in community settings. These performances provide enriching arts experiences for audiences who might not otherwise be able to access them, as well as meaningful interaction between artist and audience. The Youth and Adult Community Programs (YAP) area coordinates Community Outreach Performances to connect SMTD students to the community and provide resources and support.

Where will performances be held?

Performances typically take place at local schools, hospitals, senior centers, nursing homes, and other non-traditional venues. Most performance sites are located in the greater Ann Arbor area, although a few take place in other Metro Detroit communities.


How do I get involved?

  1. Complete the online Outreach Performer Interest Form and select one or more performance dates from the list of opportunities.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the outreach program coordinator and/or student assistant to discuss your plans for the performance.

Do I need to provide my own transportation?

Student performers will arrange their own transportation to performance sites. If a private vehicle is not feasible or available, here are some additional transportation options. We recommend carpooling with fellow performers.

Is an audition required to participate?

SMTD students are not required to audition to become an outreach performer. Certain performances, however, will require that your studio teacher or advisor submit a recommendation on your behalf.

How many performances will I be responsible for?

You may choose to perform as little or as much as they like! The program is flexible and allows students to select from the list of available dates/sites based on availability. It is very important, however, that once a date is selected, you keep the commitment – so choose carefully!

Will I be paid for community performances?

Community Outreach Performances are considered community service and are not paid.

I would like to participate, but I don’t have an accompanist. Will one be provided?

You will be responsible for finding an accompanist and for arranging rehearsal time prior to the performance date. The Youth and Adult Programs office will pay set accompanist fees for the performance if necessary.

I have more questions, whom can I contact?

Robin Myrick, Outreach and Education Program Coordinator

2230 Moore Building



Feel free to drop by the Youth and Adult Programs Office between 9-5 weekdays.

Thank you for your commitment to community service!


Application Procedure

  1. Complete and return the Outreach Performer Interest Form and select performance dates.
  2. Once your form is received, schedule an appointment with the outreach program coordinator and/or student assistant to discuss your plans for the performance.
  3. Submit the following documentation prior to beginning service in the community: Bio, Headshot, Media Release, Background Check (if required for school performance).
  4. You will receive email updates regarding your performance, including, directions and other logistics.
  5. After your performance, complete the post-performance evaluation. Your feedback helps YAP maintain high quality services for students and the community.



Please see our Resources page for Media release, pre-performance and post-performance forms.


"I enjoy making people happy and through music, I believe I can achieve that. The most amazing feeling is when your audience is excited and interested in what you're doing."
Mihaela, DMA Cello Performance
Performers at Washtenaw Community College

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