Scholarship Showcase 2022

Enjoy these Scholarship Stories and performances from Scholarship Showcase, an annual event celebrating SMTD students and the supporters who have such significant impact on their experiences.

A Scholarship Story: Madeline Merwin (MM ’23, composition)


A Scholarship Story: Nick Daly (BFA ’23, musical theatre)


A Scholarship Story: Godfrey Lubuulwa (MM ’23, jazz improvisation; MM ’23, music education)


A Scholarship Story: Nya Johnson (BTA ’23)


“École d’orgue: Fanfare in D Major” by Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens // Hae Won Jang, organ (MM ’24, sacred music)

“Found Her” by Eli Heinen (BFA ’23, jazz trombone) // Ethan Moleski, saxophone (BFA ‘24, jazz saxophone), Eli Heinen, trombone (BFA ‘23, jazz trombone), Joseph Lauerman, piano (BFA ‘23, jazz piano), Philip Buchman, drums (BFA ‘23, jazz percussion), Ben Wood, bass (BFA ‘23, jazz bass)

Finale from “Piano Trio No. 39 in G major” by Joseph Haydn // Jordan Bartel, violin (MM ‘23, violin), David Caplan, cello (MM ‘23, cello), Angie Zhang, fortepiano (MM ‘22, fortepiano, DMA ‘23, piano)