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hausa horn

Name of Instrument: hausa horn

Maker / Brand:

Stearns Catalog #: 2604

Country of Origin:

Region of Origin: Africa

Instrument Category: Aerophone

Date of Fabrication:

Location: AER A 3

Description: In 1958, these collapsable, two-piece brass Hausa Horns were given to Leo Sarkisian by Hausa musicians in Kaduna (Northern Nigeria). Horns are like these are commonly found in Nigeria. See Stearns #2605.

Leo Sarkisian is an American, born in Massachusetts to Armenian immigrants who fled Turkish Armenia to escape genocide. After World War II, Leo joined Tempo International in Hollywood, CA, as the Director for Ethnic Recordings in 1950. Tempo sent Leo to Pakistan for one year, on to Afghanistan for three-and-a-half years, and then to Africa in 1958. After one year in Ghana, Leo went to Conakry, Guinea and remained there for three years. In 1961 Edward R. Murrow, Director of the U.S. Information Agency (parent of the Voice of America [VOA]), came to Guinea and recruited Leo to be Music Director for Africa at the VOA starting in 1963. It was there that Leo become broadcaster and writer of the the VOA's longest running music show which is still on the air. Leo continues to work on maintaining the VOA's Leo Sarkisian Library of African Music. In Africa, Leo is known as VOA's "Music Man".

The Leo Sarkisian Collection