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Name of Instrument: mbira

Maker / Brand:

Stearns Catalog #: 2631

Country of Origin: Congo or Angola

Region of Origin: Africa

Instrument Category: Idiophone

Date of Fabrication:

Location: IDI E 4

Description: This Mbira was given to Leo Sarkisian in Kinshasa, Congo, however, he believes that it could have been made in Angola. It has twenty metal tongues and three bottlecap ("Cherry Plum") buzzing resonators. There are two somewhat tight finger holes drilled on the right side with a carved area to permit to the right thumb access to the seven higher pitched tongues. Leo Sarkisian is Voice of America (VOA) Broadcaster and Writer in Washington, D.C. and former Director for Ethnic Recordings, Tempo International, Hollywood, CA. In Africa, Leo is known as VOA's Music Man.

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The Leo Sarkisian Collection