Stearns Collection Item Detail

mellophone in F

Name of Instrument: mellophone in F

Maker / Brand: J. W. York & Sons

Stearns Catalog #: 2542

Country of Origin: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Region of Origin: North America

Instrument Category: Aerophone

Date of Fabrication: 1917


Description: This Mellophone in F is made of nickel-plated brass and has three Perinet Valves with mother-of-pearl touchpieces. The number on the second valve is 48674. The bell is engraved, "Made by / J.W. York & Sons / Grand Rapids / Mich" and has a leaf design. "U.S.Q.M.C" is engraved on the French rim; these letters stand for "United States Quartermaster Corps". This horn was fabricated under a federal contract for use in a military band and, based on the serial number, was very likely made in 1917.

The York Brass Collection

Research: Stearns Staff and Ron Berndt