Stearns Collection Item Detail


Name of Instrument: sjem

Maker / Brand:

Stearns Catalog #: 1709

Country of Origin: Java

Region of Origin: Southeast Asia

Instrument Category: Idiophone

Date of Fabrication:

Location: IDI O 4

Description: This Sjem is a large bronze gong with a raised boss that hangs from a wood frame. The outer side is polished bronze; the inner side is painted black. It is struck with a padded mallet. Used in the Javanese Galeman, it is the second lowest pitched instrument and is used in place of the gong ageng (great gong) to mark the beginning/end of a short cycle (the great gong marks beginning/end of larger cycles). It is part of the Javanese Gamelan that is named, "The Venerable Lake of Honey."

Research: Stearns Staff