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Additional Research Projects

For more information on various research projects around the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance please see the following links:

Michigan Musical Heritage Project (MMHP) – The Michigan Musical Heritage Project aims to capture a broad range of Michigan’s folk, ethnic, and immigrant music for the purposes of creating documentary films on the scope and depth of Michigan music and to commence the building of an archive for preservation purposes.

Renaissance Liturgical Imprints: A Census (RELICS) – This is a database of information about worship books printed before 1601. We are interested in global questions about worship in Renaissance Europe. We wish to portray here the European books of ritual for the several Catholic churches and also books for Protestant and Jewish faiths during the tumultuous generations before 1601.

Music of the United States of America – Applying the principles of critical editing to a variety of American idioms — including jazz, psalmody, popular song, twentieth-century chamber music, art song, Native American ceremony, and the Broadway show— MUSA (Music of the United States of America) is devoted to expanding the legacy of American music available for study and performance.

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower