Minor in Global Theatre & Ethnic Studies

Department of Theatre & Drama

The Department of Theatre & Drama offers a minor to eligible U-M students (in SMTD, LSA, Art & Design, Residential College) who seek global and diverse perspectives on performance. For SMTD students, the minor builds upon traditional arts training and enhances job prospects in an increasingly interdependent cultural economy. For non-SMTD students, the minor provides experiences in performance practice, playmaking, and theatre studies.


The Minor in Global Theatre & Ethnic Studies requires a minimum of 15 credits.  Click here for the full curriculum.

How To Apply

Interested students should email Professor Anita Gonzalez to ask about applying to the Minor in Global Theatre & Ethnic Studies.


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James Wolk, BFA ’07 (acting) TV: Mad Men, Happy Endings, Political Animals, Shameless, and The Crazy Ones