Minor in Music

Department of Composition, Department of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation, Department of Music Education, Department of Music Theory, Department of Musicology, Department of Organ, Department of Performing Arts Technology, Department of Piano, Department of Strings, Department of Voice, Department of Winds & Percussion

The minor in music is for non-SMTD enrolled students for first-hand experiences with musical creativity and performance.


The minor in Music consists of a minimum 15 credits. The required courses consist of twelve units.  Click here to see the full curriculum.

How To Apply

Applying and Advising: Students interested in the Minor in Music should contact Ben Thauland, Becky Olsen, or Deedee Ulintz for more information about the minor or to schedule an advising appointment.

Please send inquiries regarding the SMTD application process to To learn more about SMTD, sign up for an Information Session.