Minors & Certificates

Minor in Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (PAME)

Department of Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Department of Theatre & Drama

The department of Theatre & Drama invites exceptional undergraduate students (in SMTD, LSA, or Ross) to add arts business training and entrepreneurship to their academic portfolio. Such training is intended to amplify the careers of students engaged with performance through  knowledge  and  skills  that increase and broaden the impact of their artistic talents.


The Minor in Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (PAME) requires a minimum of 15 credits with at least five courses from three categories.  Click here for the full curriculum.

How To Apply

Students interested in this program must take at least one course from the list of introductory courses to become eligible for the minor. Once an introductory course is completed successfully, the student would interview with the PAME or EXCEL Academic Advisor and apply for admission to the minor.