Calendar of Events

Online Tai Chi with Olivia Musat

  1. Tuesday September 27 12:30pm  –  1:00pm
  2. Tuesday October 4 12:30pm  –  1:00pm
  3. Tuesday October 11 12:30pm  –  1:00pm
  4. Tuesday October 18 12:30pm  –  1:00pm
  5. Tuesday October 25 12:30pm  –  1:00pm

Instructor: Olivia Musat, DMA, Tai Chi Certified Practitioner

Tai Chi is a mind-body practice that originated in ancient China and brings together traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts. As an exercise system for the mind and body, Tai Chi is effective in reducing stress and releasing mental and physical tension, while at the same time nurturing inner strength and creativity.

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