Calendar of Events

Connecting Currents - Women of the Rivers

A Dance MFA Thesis Project by Marsae Lynette

  1. Friday September 30 4:00pm
Off-Campus Location, Detroit Yacht Club, 1 Riverbank Drive, Detroit, MI 48204

Connecting Currents: Women of the Rivers is an artistic exploration inspired by the healing properties of water: reflection, release, and restoration. This production examines the impacts of water on the “brown” feminine mind, body, and spirit. The experience features dance, poetry, audience participation, vendors, live music from Monica Blaire, Class Act Band, DJ Medusa and more.

Water has impacted people of the African Diaspora for centuries. From the transatlantic slave trade, whites only swimming pools of the Jim Crow, the use of water hoses to subdue peaceful protestors during the Civil Rights Era, and recently with residential water shut offs and the ongoing Flint water crisis; water has been the involuntary contributor to separation, distress and hardship for many people of the African Diaspora. Inspired by the healing properties of water—reflection, release, and restoration—Connecting Currents: Women of the Rivers is an interdisciplinary interactive experience that promotes an ecological and spiritual reconciliation and reconnection with water and one another starting with the community surrounding the Detroit River. What better location to encourage reconciliation with people of the African Diaspora than the river which many formerly enslaved Africans crossed to freedom.

Free tickets required