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Dance Concert: The Size of Darkness - VIM VIGOR

  1. Friday October 22 7:00pm
Dance Building, Dance Performance Studio Theatre

The Size of Darkness aka The Light We Cannot See - VIM VIGOR DANCE
and an excerpt from the work to be performed by students at the Power Center in 2022.

VIM VIGOR, founded and directed by U-M Department of Dance associate professor Shannon Gillen, presents a work-in-progress showing of their latest research, THE SIZE OF DARKNESS.

As audiences and performers re-enter the intimacy of theater spaces, a place where our expectations and opinions are exposed to new and freshly realized experience, we are again cohabitating the unknown. THE SIZE OF DARKNESS dives headlong into states of unknowing, catapulting performers through wild physicality and heroic abandon. Audiences will ride with three performers on a journey of becoming, as the ephemeral nature of dance swallows the past and flows into the future. This work will be set to an original electronic score by Marshall Chadbourne, where sounds of lightness and darkness, density and nothingness, effort and release converge.

With daredevil physicality, VIM VIGOR communicates the complexity of human relationships through their signature dance-theater aesthetic, bodies will flare, emotions will flood, and the sharp urgency of our deepest feelings will rocket through space.

Concept, Direction: Shannon Gillen
Choreography: Shannon Gillen and Jason Cianciulli
Choreographic Collaborators: Kiley Dolaway, Logan Hernandez
Performance: Jason Cianciulli, Kiley Dolaway, Logan Hernandez
Sound Score: Marshall Chadbourne

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Free and open to all - In person and livestreamed