Calendar of Events


  1. Friday May 21 8:00pm
  2. Saturday May 22 8:00pm
  3. Sunday May 23 8:00pm
  4. Monday May 24 8:00pm
  5. Tuesday May 25 8:00pm
  6. Wednesday May 26 8:00pm
  7. Thursday May 27 8:00pm

Department of Musical Theatre

Broadway actor Telly Leung directs for the first time as he leads the Musical Theatre students in this fresh interpretation of this iconic show. Leung, who starred in Godspell during the 2011 revival, helped guide the cast in making the flexible script as relevant today as it was when Godspell first premiered in 1971. Featuring such showtune standards as “Turn Back, O Man,” “Day by Day,” and “Learn Your Lessons Well”, Godspell is a tribute to vaudeville, breathing parable, and protest piece all at the same time. Prepare ye for the Godspell you know and love from 50 years ago, but told through the perspective of these incredible young theater-makers.

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Free and open to all