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Global Connections: An Investigation into How to Bring the Traditional Rituals of Tujia and Miao Chinese Ethnic Minorities to Contemporary Society through Theatre and Performance

  1. Thursday April 15 6:30pm

Session Guest: Jay Peng Zhang, vocalist, choreographer, Professor- Art College, Shanghai University of Sport, Hong Kong
Faculty Lead: Amy Chavasse

Folk singer and modern dancer, Jay Peng Zhang, is from the Tujia and Miao ethnic minority groups of Western Hunan Province. Jay’s research maintains a focus on rituals and their inspirational role in his contemporary practice. Culturally rooted songs and traditions from his native place Yongshun (Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Western Hunan) form the core of his work. Jay will share his research through a performative talk including movement and songs from Miao and Tujia minorities as well as wearing the traditional attire he inherited from his grandmother. As one of the few remaining practitioners of traditional Tujia songs and aware of the recent policies of tourism and entertainment, Jay raises questions about authenticity and the rapidly changing conditions of Miao and Tujia minorities in China today. Peng Zhang will share his research in song, performed live via ZOOM, and provide context for his examination of these cultural artifacts in his lecture. Videos and images from his home land in Western Hunan will amplify the exchange.

Free and open to all