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Dissusion: Black Concert Life Matters

  1. Sunday September 20 2:00pm  –  3:30pm

Introduction by Charles Lwanga, University of Michigan
Chair: Dwight Andrews, Emory University
Panelist: Bill Banfield, Berklee College of Music (Emeritus) Anthony Green and Ashleigh Gordon, Castle of Our Skins, and Marquese Carter, Murray State University.

The recent Black Lives Matter protests build on the historical momentum of earlier organized dissents such as the 1940s “Double V” campaign, the push for Civil Rights in the 1960s and, of course, the Black Power movement of the 1970s. Music has always accompanied these calls for equality in society.  What is often missing in public discourse, however, is the role of Black art music in these demands for justice. This panel takes on this question by exploring Willis Patterson’s model of forward thinking, on-the-ground musical activism as a paradigm for the future.  Radio broadcast of Willis Patterson the performer featuring his pre-recorded jazz and classical performances.

Free - no tickets required