Calendar of Events

University Chamber Orchestra

  1. Sunday April 19 2:30pm
Rackham Graduate School (Horace H.), Auditorium

Kenneth Kiesler, conductor
Pre-concert lecture at 1:45 PM with editors and Copland scholars Aaron Sherber and Jennifer DeLapp-Birkett in the lower lobby

When Appalachian Spring was premiered in the fall of 1944, with choreography by Martha Graham who danced with her company, and an ensemble of 13 musicians, an iconic American work was born. Composer Aaron Copland received the Pulitzer Prize, and the shortened orchestral suite became one of the most beloved pieces of the orchestral repertoire. In this concert, Kenneth Kiesler, who conducted later performances of the work with the Martha Graham Company, conducts the premiere of the new critical edition of the complete ballet score. The new critical edition is a project of MUSA (Music in the United States), which is housed at SMTD. This concert is the final event of a national conductors’ workshop sponsored by the Conductors’ Guild, taught by Kenneth Kiesler, and hosted by SMTD.

Free - no tickets required