Calendar of Events

Global Rings for Carillon

  1. Wednesday April 15 5:15pm
Lurie Ann & Robert H. Tower

A 2019–2020 Carillon Studio DEI initiative, Global Rings features student carillon compositions and arrangements of folk tunes, stories, and issues from around the world. In Global Rings, students and visiting carillonist Dr. Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra diversify the carillon repertoire, lift up marginalized and underrepresented voices, reveal injustices, broaden perspectives, build bridges, and welcome audience members from around the world.

Global Rings themes include First People tunes, African American spirituals, folk tunes from Taiwan, Korea, China, Nicaragua, Russia, and Japan; Hebrew songs and lullabies from Basque people, Armenia, and Venezuela; songs and stories of protest, climate change from the South African water crisis to the Jamaican earthquake, standing up against oppressive governments, trafficking and violence against women in Venezuela and India, a bluegrass song and a piano rag, a Jewish partisan song from the Holocaust, a piece telling the story of the lonely whale, Hertz 52, a piece influenced by the jaunty rhythms and close harmonies of Bulgarian choral music, and new compositions about global luminaries MLK Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and Toni Morrison.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the concert while sitting or strolling around the engineering campus, or take the Lurie elevator to the 3rd floor to see the global ringers close-up.

Free - no tickets required