Calendar of Events

New Opera Workshop: Tales from the Briar Patch

  1. Thursday February 27 7:00pm
Walgreen Drama Center, Stamps Auditorium

Music by Nkeiru Okoye
Libretto by Carman Moore

Public workshop reading of "Bre’r Rabbit and the Tar Baby,” the first of three stories in Nkeiru Okoye and Carman Moore’s Tales from the Briar Patch, a new opera in development that is both family-friendly and fun. In this updated reboot of the traditional Bre’r Rabbit stories, Sister Sparrow, Sister Robin, and Madame Partridge retell the antics of Bre’r Rabbit and his nemesis Bre’r Fox. This public reading is the culmination of a workshop with SMTD singers and the composer, and will include a conversation with the composer as well as audience response.

Free - no tickets required