Calendar of Events

Michigan Chamber Players

“Choreography of the Air”

  1. Sunday January 26 4:00pm
Earl V. Moore Building

Curated by Kathryn Goodson and Prof. Christian Matijas-Mecca

This performance will take place between four venues within the Earl V. Moore Building: Britton Recital Hall (4–4:40 PM), Blanche Anderson Moore Hall (4:50–5:05 PM), Chip Davis Technology Studio (5:15–5:30 PM), and the Brehm Pavilion (5:40–6:00 PM)

This winter chamber music smorgasbord will feature various kinds of choreography to the sounds of J.S. Bach, Claude Debussy, Steve Reich and Jay Cloidt. SMTD Piano, Organ, String, Wind and Dance Department performers. Choreographing, clapping, dancing, pedaling, playing, bowing and blowing performers will be SMTD faculty, students, and guests, including Jillian Hopper, Matthew Bengtsson, Penelope Crawford, Joseph Gascho, Kola Owalabi, Daniel Gilbert, Timothy McAllister, Matthew Koester, Margaret Gascho, Tiffany Ng, Joan Holland, Hanna Stater, Maria Castillo Rodriguez, Jordan Smith, Florence Wu, Alyssa Campbell, Leah Pernick, James Cunningham, Helen LaGrand and more.

Bach- Concerto for Four Keyboards (Britton Recital Hall)
Debussy- Clarinet and Saxophone Rhapsodies
Bach- Trio Sonata in C minor for organ
Reich- Clapping
Jay Cloidt- CLANGOR + ostinator
Debussy- Chansons de Bilitis

Free - no tickets required