Calendar of Events

Dance Screening: The Process of Remembering

  1. Friday October 4 6:30pm
Dance Building, Betty Pease Studio Theater

"The Process of Remembering" is a short film by Alexis Saenz about remembering, learning and understanding her identity in this world. Eight versions of Saenz entwine together in the film, showing stages she has moved through to get to the present. This film took one year to create and was a collaboration with 34 different artists. The event includes a screening of the 13-minute film, and immersive live performance that stems from the work, a photo series accompanying the film, and a Q&A seminar to follow.

Since creating "The Process of Remembering", Saenz comments on having continued to realize and learn more and more from the process. She states, "I hope that people watching the film will be inspired to remember who they are and continue going through their processes with fortitude. As long as I am breathing and the Creator continues to challenge me in this life I will continue to overcome, I will speak my truth, seek the truth and heal through my art. We all must."

The Process of Remembering Tour includes different elements, including portions of a workshop entitled 'Mi Vida Su Vida' (, aimed at dismantling belief systems and developing tools for better understanding of oneself and the healing process. Saenz states: "My hopes for each city are to learn about the importance of mind, body, spirit connection and self-love."

Free - no tickets required