Calendar of Events

Faculty Theatre Performance: Malcolm Tulip *CANCELED*

After Unica: a new chimeric autobiographical performance

  1. Thursday October 31 8:00pm
  2. Friday November 1 8:00pm
Duderstadt Center (Media Union), Video Studio

*These performances have been canceled*

Written and performed by Malcolm Tulip
Sound design and performance by Cy Tulip
Video design by Jeromy Hopgood
Set design by Vincent Mountain
Costume design by Christianne Myers

In 2017 Prof. Malcolm Tulip came across a book of anagrammatic poetry by the German Surrealist artist Unica Zürn (1916-1970) and a journey into her writings, art works, and life followed. As he became hypnotized by the vivid life force of her work memories, real and imagined, from his own life were released. Encouraged by Zürn’s creative strategies as well as playwright Charles L. Mee’s intuitive text/image assemblage approach, Tulip brings together seemingly disparate fragments of text and imagery to conjure a new hybrid autobiography. Texts from multiple and contrary sources live side by side. The friction between apparent non-sequiturs fire the imagination; more closely resembling our brain activity with collisions of past, present, tangible, and subconscious events that constantly fight to be seen and heard.

Made possible with the generous support of the U-M Office of Research, the Center for World Performance Studies, SMTD, the Department of Theatre & Drama, and Trinosophes, Detroit.

Free - no tickets required