Calendar of Events

Hearing Screenings for SMTD Students

  1. Friday September 20 9:00am
  2. Friday January 24 9:00am
Earl V. Moore Building, Room 61

SMTD partnership with Michigan Audiology brings free hearing screenings to SMTD students!

Audiometric hearing screening is a simple procedure carried out for each ear. Pure tones are presented across a frequency range of 1000 to 4000 Hz to determine if the patient's hearing level falls within normal limits. A quiet testing environment, calibrated audiometric equipment, and appropriately trained personnel will be used in this event. If a student has a history of hearing loss or ear problems, they will not need a hearing screening.

Screenings take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

SMTD students: click “Register Now” to complete the hearing health questionnaire prior to your screening.

Registration required