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Department of Performing Arts Technology Seminar: Onyx Ashanti 

  1. Friday March 29 3:00pm
Earl V. Moore Building, Chip Davis Technology Studio

Since being introduced on the world stage by way of a fortuitous TED talk he did in 2011 titled “This is Beatjazz,” Mississippi native Onyx Ashanti has been evolving at a pace that surprises even him. Musician, programmer, 3D print-designer, writer, performer, inventor, a self-described child of the internet, and disciple of the open source philosophy, Ashanti has spent the last few years creating a multidimensional expression concept called beatjazz. He is currently exploring "sonomorphic" structures built within PureData, a digital signal processing language, which will result in a form of data-music that is capable of projecting information that is simultaneously understandable as human musical structure and computer data.

Free - no tickets required