Calendar of Events

Guest Dance Workshop: ‘H’ Patten

Korotech Dance Style

  1. Monday January 28 5:00pm
Dance Building, Studio D

‘H’ Patten teaches the Korotech style of dance, which draws on Jamaican dancehall, Jamaican African/neo-African practices, and West and Central African dance techniques. Focusing on isolation, undulation, and pulsation, this fun yet demanding class will cover movement vocabulary from across the spectrum of African and Caribbean dance. Participants will learn dance vocabulary from the Korotech style and develop movement from drum utterances (drum talk) through this creative process. Patten is the artistic director of Koromanti Arts and ‘H’ Patten Dance Theatre Co. An experienced choreographer, filmmaker, visual artist, storyteller, author, and performer, he has developed an international reputation in African and Caribbean arts over the past 35 years. Patten has choreographed for the Ghanaian, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean, Malawian, and Zambian national dance companies, the Stella Maris Dance Ensemble in Jamaica, and many other high profile and distinguished productions. He has also taught at the Edna Manley School of Dance, Eduardo Rivera’s Compania Teatro Dela Danza Del Caribe de Santiago, Cuba, and L’Ecole des Sables, Senegal as well as teaching the cast of The Lion King (London).

Free - no tickets required