Calendar of Events

Department of Theatre & Drama Studio Production: Murakami by the Sea (RE-SCHEDULED from 2/14-2/17)

  1. Thursday April 25 7:30pm
  2. Friday April 26 7:30pm
  3. Saturday April 27 7:30pm
Walgreen Drama Center, Newman Studio

*This production has been re-scheduled from February*

Devised Dance/Theatre piece inspired by short stories by Haruki Murakami and many more. Directed by Tzveta Kassabova with the cast. “And then I realized that the deep darkness inside me had vanished. Suddenly. As suddenly as it has come. I raised myself from the sand and, without bothering either to take off my shoes or roll up my cuffs, walked into the surf to let the waves lap at my ankles.” What does it mean to tell a story? Who is the storyteller, who is listening? What real geography is surrounding us and what landscape do we imagine in our stories?

Free - no tickets required