Calendar of Events

Department of Musicology Panel

“New Methodologies in the Age of Social Media: Identities, Celebrity, and Subculture"

  1. Friday November 9 5:00pm
Earl V. Moore Building, Glenn E. Watkins Lecture Hall

This panel will include the following presentations:

Conner Singh VanderBeek (University of Michigan), "My Intimately Unknown Friend: DJ Khaled and the Indistinction Between Online and Real Selves"

Richard Smith, (University of Michigan), "Now Sing It with 'Chutzpah': Glocalized Tel Avivi Music, YouTube, and State-Sponsored Queer Identity"

Casper Chan (University of Michigan), "Internet Memes but Explained by Ethnomusicology?: Decoding Music-Making in the YouTube Meme Subculture"

Free - no tickets required