Calendar of Events

University and Campus Bands

  1. Sunday April 7 3:00pm
Hill Auditorium

Campus “Maize” Band - Giovani Briguente, graduate conductor
Campus “Blue” Band - Richard Frey
University Band - John Pasquale

The Campus and University Bands bring a wide array of moods and colors to the stage in this concert. From the vigor of Michael Daugherty, David Maslanka, Paul Hindemith, Clifton Williams, Alfred Reed and James Curnow, to the sweet melodies of Malcolm Arnold and Joel Puckett, the concert abounds with vitality and celebrates the rich tradition of the wind band. A wind setting of Ave Maria by Franz Biebl is dedicated in memory of Maggie St. Clair, a beloved member of the Michigan band family who passed away last November. Her 30 years of passion and dedication to the University of Michigan bands changed lives and influenced generations of band members. In this concert, we humbly thank her through her favorite forms of expression: faith and music.

Free - no tickets required