Calendar of Events

Symphony Band

“Story Time”

  1. Friday April 5 8:00pm
Hill Auditorium

Michael Haithcock, conductor
H. Robert Reynolds, guest conductor
The Imani Winds, soloist

Pre-concert conversation with members of the Imani Winds and Michael Haithcock at 7:15 PM in the lower lobby.

A collection of works that each tells a story through the music. Robert Kurka’s Good Soldier Schweik Suite is derived from his opera outlining the difficulties of a WWI soldier. U-M alumnus Warren Benson’s The Passing Bell is both a eulogy and a message of hope, mourning a life lost too soon. Jeff Scott’s Baile Si Quiere! (Dance if you want to) features the Imani Winds and their story of diversity and inclusion. John Williams’s timeless themes from the Star Wars stories concludes the Symphony Band’s final concert of the term.

PROGRAM: Robert Kurka- Good Soldier Schweik Suite; Warren Benson- The Passing Bell, H. Robert Reynolds, guest conductor; Jeff Scott- Baile Si Quiere!, featuring the Imani Winds; John Williams/Hunsberger- Five Themes from Star Wars

Free - no tickets required