Calendar of Events

Virginia Martin Howard Stearns Lecture: Liza Malamut, trombone

  1. Tuesday March 12 7:00pm
Earl V. Moore Building, Glenn E. Watkins Lecture Hall

The trombone has been in existence since the early 1400s, though its function has changed dramatically since its golden age in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Treasured for its flexibility, versatility, and warm, vocal timbre, the trombone was one of the most ubiquitous instruments of the Renaissance and early Baroque periods, appearing in sacred and secular venues throughout early modern Europe. This lecture will provide an overview of the sound, style, form, and function of the trombone from its inception through the end of the seventeenth century. It will also explore the trombone’s development from the “sackbut” — as it is frequently called — into the modern instruments of today. 

The 2018-19 Virginia Martin Howard Lecture Series, sponsored by the Stearns Collection of Music Instruments, features presentations by distinguished international scholars and performers whose work focuses in the areas of ethnomusicology, historical musicology, and organology. Lecture topics range from instrument restoration and conservation to African one-string fiddles to vintage music synthesizers.

Free - no tickets required