Calendar of Events


  1. Thursday April 4 7:30pm
  2. Friday April 5 8:00pm
  3. Saturday April 6 8:00pm
  4. Sunday April 7 2:00pm
  5. Thursday April 11 7:30pm
  6. Friday April 12 8:00pm
  7. Saturday April 13 8:00pm
  8. Sunday April 14 2:00pm
Walgreen Drama Center, Arthur Miller Theatre

A new play by José Casas

Department of Theatre & Drama

In the style of The Laramie Project, Flint explores the current state of the Michigan city’s water crisis through narratives based upon and inspired by the lives and stories of people affected by the tragedy.

Department of Theatre & Drama faculty member and playwright José Casas defines himself as an issue-based playwright. Casas’s new drama creates a mosaic of a city struggling to survive and present itself to the world by exploring its hidden stories and history. Guest stage director Dexter Singleton, now based on the East Coast, grew up in Detroit and has relatives in Flint, bringing a local touch to the production. With many of the issues remaining unresolved four years out, Flint serves as a platform for dialogue regarding the future of the city and its resilient residents, as well as for other communities facing similar problems.

General admission $30/ $12 with student ID