Sandra Torijano's La Luna Nueva
Amy Chavasse's Hunger for the Longing . . . Sandra Torijano's La Luna NuevaJessica Fogel's Out of Thin AirJessica Fogel's Out of Thin AirPaul Taylor's Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rehearsal)Paul Taylor's Le Sacre du Printemps

(Re)Visionary Dances

The Old and the New Come Together for a
Stunning Visual and Aural Display

The February 2010 Power Center concert, (Re)Visionary Dances, was a celebration of new visions for the stage and a re-envisioning of a landmark moment from an extraordinarily rich legacy.

Faculty members Amy Chavasse, Sandra Torijano, and Jessica Fogel generated the new visions. Chavasse’s Hunger for the Longing for the Craving for the Aching used four very different versions of Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land to construct a Busby Berkeley-esque pastiche. Sandra Torijano’s La Luna Nueva saw the overcoming of adversity embodied in a radiantly choreographed and costumed epiphany. Out of Thin Air—Lightness by Jessica Fogel was inspired by recent discoveries about the deep quantum world of particle physics and was set to a layered digital sound collage of text and music. The set designs, lighting, costumes, and music created a resplendent world of light, color, and sound.

Paul Taylor’s Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rehearsal), which depicts a typical rehearsal interwoven with a Damon Runyonesque detective story, was restaged by Ruth Andrien, former Paul Taylor Dance Company member featured in the 1980 original. Andrien came to campus to set the work on our students drawing primarily from her own muscle memory. The costumes, in a palette of black, white, and grey with occasional startling jots of bright red, were recreated by our brilliant costume shop from photographs of the pieces laid out on a table next to a tape measure. This 30th-anniversary restaging of Taylor’s irreverent and brilliant work kicked off a year-long celebration of the 80th birthday of one of America’s foremost modern choreographers. The celebration continues, including a performance by Paul Taylor Dance Company this fall, presented by University Musical Society, October 7-9, at the Power Center for the Performing Arts.