Victors for Michigan Campaign

VICTORS FOR MICHIGAN is designed for both the present and future. We see the fruits of its progress in a beautifully renovated Earl V. Moore Building and its latest expansion, the William K. and Delores S. Brehm Pavilion. Our students and faculty, representing all walks of life, collaborate in an immersive educational environment that embodies the highest levels of disciplinary depth and breadth.

Its future is our collective vision that the performing arts have a unique ability to address the outstanding challenges of our time. They reflect, explore, explain, and envision the state of the world. They eliminate boundaries, create a universal language, unify disparate factions, and engender dialogue without limitations on personal expression.

This is our calling and our promise: that a world with the performing arts is more enriching and inspiring than any other.

Our world needs Victors. Be a Victor for SMTD.

Be a Victor for Michigan.

The School will achieve the highest standards of excellence by attracting the most gifted students from around the world, regardless of financial means, through the availability of generous scholarship support. We will enhance the diversity and sense of community of our student body while stimulating the creative, intellectual, civic, and artistic growth of each individual.

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The School will expand and explore new curricula, include more interdisciplinary and non-major programs, and employ imaginative use of evolving technology while supporting a faculty second to none in quality, commitment, and scholarship. Developing support for faculty and technological tool and creative spaces needed to do this work will secure the School’s ability to act across disciplines and provide flexible artistic experiences for students.

The School will be a model of how a performing arts institution thrives within a great research university, by exploring innovative on-campus programming and new ways of engaging, stimulating, and enhancing understanding and participation in the performing arts by the larger community beyond the UNiversity. By supporting new and existing programs, and the faculty who ensure their success, we will deepen our connection with the University and its global community.

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As the performing arts world continues to change, the School will build a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, establishing collaborations with colleagues and the community that translate creative ideas into action, and fully embrace the opportunities of the emerging digital world. Growing resources for new initiatives by both faculty and students will guarantee our ability to support new artistic business models.

To adequately house the full range of programs, initiatives, and outreach that fully represent a 21st-century performing arts education, the School will create the best state-of-the-art facilities. We must bring together all of our faculty and students in environmentally sustainable spaces that accommodate the changing demands of curricular expansion, digital technology, and community outreach.
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