School of Music, Theatre and Dance at the University of Michigan

Sleek Disturbances

Department of Dance Production

Power Center

Sleek Disturbances

Show Order

Fangfei Miao, Hereafter

Bryn Cohn, Saying Good-bye Under a Fractured Moon

Sidra Bell, The Universe is Not Static

Jillian Hopper, Mirror Ritual: a ballet in three tableaus

Sleek Disturbances offers an evening of contemporary dance by four choreographers who source imagery, disturbances, and inspiration from the past and future. The idea of place is experienced through a historical lens or as a dream state, conjuring ideas of future realms. The dancers, BFA students in the Department of Dance, inhabit spaces that fluctuate between the real and imaginary, delivering a virtuosic range of movement ideas from the nuanced to the explosive.

Jillian Hopper and Fangfei Miao are faculty members in the Department of Dance. Bryn Cohn is a Los Angeles based choreographer who works and creates across the commercial and concert dance industries. Sidra Bell is Artistic Director of Sidra Bell Dance New York, an “internationally recognized boutique brand of prolific movement illustrators”.