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Every student receiving lessons in the String Department is required by the Department to play in a jury at the end of each semester (except when playing a recital approval, participating in the concerto competition or after achieving candidacy in DMA).

There are two types of juries:

  • Formal - This jury is played before the entire String Dept. faculty. It is 12 minutes long, and half of it must be played from memory (it is recommended that pieces that are normally perfromed from memory be performed as such in the jury, even beyond the requirement).
  • informal - This jury is presented before half the String Dept. faculty, typically divided into upper and lower strings. It is 10 minutes in length, and does not require any memory per say (although students are encouraged to perfrom from memory any piece that is tradionally so performed).

The choice between the two types of juries depends on the student's program:

  • Undergraduate - one formal jury during freshman year and one at the end of sophomore year.
  • MM and Specialist - one formal jury during the first three terms (required before the term of presentation of a degree recital)
  • DMA - Once at the end of the first year of pre-candidacy.

In every other case, the jury would be an informal one.

Juries schedule


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