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Related Ensembles

Each of the following ensembles are courses that Performing Arts Technology students can take for credit:

Digital Music Ensemble (PAT 412/512/513)- Digital Music Ensemble (DME) is a technology-based interdisciplinary performance troupe that collaborates in the creation and performance of new works of art or performs historically innovative works. DME uses methods of open-ended critical inquiry to challenge meaning in the creation, realization and performance of art. The Fall semester is focused on readings concerning the Labyrinth tradition in many cultures, culminating in the recurring work “Gypsy Pond Music,” a sonic, site-specific installation involving sculpture and algorithmic computer music. The Spring semester is performance based.

Electronic Chamber Music (PAT 413) - Small ensembles of musicians are formed to create and perform contemporary chamber music. Various approaches to composition and group collaboration are explored through the integration of various categories of instruments including acoustic, electronic, electroacoustic hybrids, performance controllers, and computers.

Mobile Phone Ensemble (PAT 461)- This course explores contemporary technologies that support musical performance. Topics include the goals of technology-enhanced performance, instrument interfacing, system design, programmable systems, and sound reinforcement design for playback of electronic and acoustic ensembles. Students create original compositions using performance systems on platforms such as mobile phones, that they have designed and built, and direct performances that use these systems.

Creative Arts Orchestra (ENS 467) - A largely improvisation-based group that invites interaction with other performance fields such as dance, theatre, and music technology.

Improvisation Forms (JAZZ 470) - Improvisation in an eclectic style, open to all Performing Arts Technology students. A pre-requisite to the Creative Arts Orchestra.

A glimpse of the 20-year history of the Digital Music Ensemble

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