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NOTES: Alumni/ae are invited to send updates of recent activities to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance for inclusion in an upcoming issue of Michigan Muse. Please send corrections and additions to the list below to

Please click the links for lists of recent dissertations in ethnomusicology and historical musicology.

  • M. Antonette Adiova (Ethnomusicology), The Old Globe, San Diego
  • Karen Ahlquist (Historical Musicology), George Washington University
  • Robert Allen III (Historical Musicology), Mary Baldwin College
  • Abby Anderton (Historical Musicology), Baruch College
  • Robin Armstrong (Ethnomusicology), University of Western Maryland
  • Elizabeth Batiuk (Ethnomusicology), Illinois State University
  • Melanie Batoff (Historical Musicology), Luther College
  • Tamar Barzel (Ethnomusicology), New York University, Fales Library and Special Collections
  • Amy Beal (Historical Musicology), University of California, Santa Cruz
  • John Behling (Ethnomusicology), University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Marc Benamou (Ethnomusicology), Earlham College
  • Kristina Benitez (Ethnomusicology), Philippine Women’s University
  • Daniel Blim (Historical Musicology), Denison University
  • Gernot Blume (Historical Musicology), Lewis and Clark College
  • J. Ryan Bodiford (Ethnomusicology), Shar Music
  • Todd Borgerding (Historical Musicology), Colby College
  • Allen Britton (Historical Musicology), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Tara Browner (Historical Musicology), University of California, Los Angeles
  • Kate Brucher (Ethnomusicology), De Paul University
  • Julia Byl (Ethnomusicology), University of Alberta
  • Alexander Cannon (Ethnomusicology), University of Birmingham
  • Hyun-Kyung Chae (Ethnomusicology), Ewha Womans University
  • Sylvia Chao (Ethnomusicology)
  • Joys Cheung (Ethnomusicology), University of Hong Kong
  • J. Bunker Clark (Historical Musicology), University of Kansas
  • Carmelo Comberiati (Historical Musicology), Manhattanville College
  • Vicki Comberiati (Historical Musicology), Ivey Barnum and O’Meara Law Firm
  • Susan Cook (Historical Musicology), University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Nym Cooke (Historical Musicology), College of the Holy Cross
  • Kathryn B. Cox (Historical Musicology)
  • Richard Crawford (Historical Musicology), University of Michigan (Professor Emeritus)
  • Stephen Davison (Historical Musicology), University of California, Los Angeles
  • Todd Decker (Historical Musicology), Washington University
  • Nanette DeJong (Ethnomusicology), Newcastle College
  • Jennifer DeLapp (Historical Musicology), University of Maryland, College Park
  • Alison DeSimone (Historical Musicology), University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • Bretton Dimick (Ethnomusicology), Morgan Horse Designs
  • Darlene Dreyer (Historical Musicology), Paducah Symphony
  • Joshua Duchan (Ethnomusicology), Wayne State University
  • Amanda Eubanks-Winkler (Historical Musicology), Syracuse University
  • Nicholas Field (Historical Musicology), University of Toledo
  • David Fish (Historical Musicology), St. Andrews Presbyterian College
  • Vera Flaig (Ethnomusicology), University of Michigan, Dearborn
  • Tim Freeze (Historical Musicology), Indiana University
  • Rebecca Fülöp (Historical Musicology), Oberlin College
  • Kyra Gaunt (Ethnomusicology), University at Albany
  • Sarah Gerk (HIstorical Musicology), Binghamton University
  • Jessica Getman (Historical Musicology), George and Ira Gershwin Critical Edition, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Catherine Gordon-Seifert (Historical Musicology), Providence College
  • Jocelyn Guilbault (Ethnomusicology), University of California, Berkeley
  • David Haas (Historical Musicology), University of Georgia
  • Jane Hardie (Historical Musicology), University of Sydney
  • William Hettrick (Historical Musicology), Hofstra University
  • Megan Hill (Ethnomusicology), University of Michigan, Music by Black Composers
  • H. Wiley Hitchcock (Historical Musicology), CUNY
  • Luke Howard (Historical Musicology), Brigham Young University
  • Candida Jaquez (Ethnomusicology), Scripps College
  • Lisa Davenport Jenkins (Historical Musicology)
  • Jesse Johnston (Ethnomusicology), Library of Congress
  • Alyson Jones (Ethnomusicology), Vanier College
  • Mark Katz (Ethnomusicology), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Laura Kennedy (Historical Musicology), Furman University
  • Rebecca Klest Walsh (Historical Musicology), Ann Arbor Symphony
  • David Klocko (Historical Musicology), University of Maine
  • Andrew Kohler (HIstorical Musicology), University of Michigan
  • Tracey Laird (Ethnomusicology), Agnes Scott College
  • Thomasin LaMay (Historical Musicology), Goucher College
  • Bradley Lehman (Historical Musicology), EPOS Corporation
  • Beth Lenz (Historical Musicology), Independent Scholar and Teacher
  • Rene Lysloff (Ethnomusicology), University of California, Riverside
  • Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie (Historical Musicology), RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
  • Michael Mauskapf (Historical Musicology), Columbia University
  • Dianne McMullen (Historical Musicology), Union College
  • Jeffrey Magee (Historical Musicology), University of Illinois, Ubana-Champaign
  • Patricia Matusky Yamaguchi (Ethnomusicology), Grand Valley State University
  • Scott Messing (Historical Musicology), Alma College
  • Roark Miller (Historical Musicology), Southern Methodist University
  • Paul Munson (Historical Musicology), Union College
  • Sterling Murray (Historical Musicology), West Chester University
  • Andrew Nardone (Historical Musicology)
  • Inna Naroditskaya (Ethnomusicology), Northwestern University
  • Michael Naylor (Ethnomusicology), Wayne State University
  • Stephanie Ng (Ethnomusicology), Independent Scholar
  • Mohd Anis Md Nor (Ethnomusicology), University of Malaysia
  • Robert Oldani (Historical Musicology), Arizona State University
  • Paul Osterhout (Historical Musicology), University of Illinois, Champaign
  • Nancy Perloff (Historical Musicology), Getty Center
  • Sabina Pieslak (Ethnomusicolgy), City College of New York
  • Nathan Platte (Historical Musicology), University of Iowa
  • Felicidad Prudente (Ethnomusicology), University of the Philippines
  • Rose Pruiksma (Historical Musicology), University of New Hampshire
  • Ronald Radano (Ethnomusicology), University of Wisconsin
  • Michal Rahfaldt (Ethnomusicology), University of Cape Town
  • Guthrie Ramsey (Historical Musicology), University of Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Riis (Historical Musicology), University of Colorado
  • Marta Robertson (Ethnomusicology), Gettysburg College
  • Esther Rothenbusch (Historical Musicology), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Colin Roust (Historical Musicology), University of Kansas
  • Jeanne Ryan (Historical Musicology), Shubert Theater, New Haven, CT
  • Eric Saylor (Historical Musicology), Drake University
  • Christopher Scheer (Historical Musicology), Utah State University
  • Linda Schubert (Historical Musicology), University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
  • Catharine Schwab (Historical Musicology), University of Michigan
  • Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir (Historical Musicology), The Dissertation Coach
  • Kay Kaufman Shelemay (Ethnomusicology), Harvard University
  • Mark Slobin (Ethnomusicology), Wesleyan University
  • Adele Smaill (Historical Musicology)
  • Soedarsono (Ethnomusicology), Institute for the Arts, Indonesia
  • Scott Southard (Historical Musicology)
  • Yona Stamatis (Ethnomusicology), University of Illinois, Springfield
  • David Warren Steel (Historical Musicology), University of Mississippi
  • Matthew Steel (Ethnomusicology), Western Michigan University
  • Robynn Stilwell (Historical Musicology), Georgetown University
  • Sarah Suhadolnick (Historical Musicology), University of Iowa
  • Paula Survilla (Ethnomusicology), Wartburg College
  • R. Anderson Sutton (Ethnomusicology), University of Hawai'i at Manoa
  • Denise Pilmer Taylor (Historical Musicology), Harvard University Development Office
  • Jeffrey Taylor (Historical Musicology), Brooklyn College
  • Timothy Taylor (Ethnomusicology), University of California, Los Angeles
  • Dwight Thomas (Ethnomusicology), Messiah College
  • Catherine Tsai-Balaz (Historical Musicology), Chinese Culture University, Taipei
  • Judy Tsou (Historical Musicology), University of California, Berkeley
  • C. Joshua Tucker (Ethnomusicology), Brown University
  • Mark Tucker (Historical Musicology), deceased
  • Richard Wallis(Ethnomusicology), Garland Encyclopedia of Music
  • Susan Walton (Ethnomusicology), University of Michigan
  • Leah Weinberg (Historical Musicology), University of Denver
  • Deborah Wong (Ethnomusicology), University of California, Riverside
  • Shinobu Yoshida (Historical Musicology)

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