SMTD Ensembles Office

Ensemble placement auditions for music majors are held in-person prior to the start of each semester. Sign up for in-person auditions.

Ensembles for Music Majors

Symphony Band & Chamber Winds
Concert Band
Orpheus Singers
Chamber Choir
University Choir
Opera Chorus
Mens Glee Club
Womens Glee Club
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Lab Ensemble
Creative Arts Orchestra
Chamber Jazz Ensembles
University Symphony Orchestra
University Philharmonia Orchestra
Contemporary Directions Ensemble
Digital Music Ensemble
Early Music Ensemble
Javanese Gamelan

Ensembles for Non-Music Majors

University & Campus Bands
Michigan Marching Band
Athletic Bands
Arts Chorale
Resident College Singers
UMS Choral Union
Mens Glee Club
Womens Glee Club
Campus Jazz Ensemble
Campus Symphony Orchestra
Campus Philharmonia Orchestra
Javanese Gamelan

Please refer directly to these ensembles’ websites for audition information.

Michigan Marching Band | Athletic Bands | University Band | Campus Band

UMS Choral Union

Mens Glee Club

Women’s Glee Club



The Ensembles Office is the largest employer of student staff at the SMTD. With a core of nearly 50 student staff, we employ students with and without Work-Study Awards to aid in daily rehearsal operations, event production, and in the Performance Library. Hiring and orientation information will be posted as available. Questions may be directed to the Ensembles Production Manager.

Paul Feeny, Director of Concerts & Events

Erin Casler, Ensembles Production Manager

Alizabeth Nowland, Performance Librarian

Jonathan Mashburn, Daily Operations