SMTD COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

Funded by SMTD Dean David Gier, the SMTD Covid-19 Student Emergency Fund provides support to SMTD students to mitigate the financial impact associated with the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Applications will be evaluated individually and may include support requests for housing, emergency travel, food expenses, technology access, medical expenses, or other needs.

Financial awards averaging $500 will be provided through the University’s financial aid system. These awards may be subject to taxes and students would be responsible for these payments. Students who have emergency needs that exceed the average award should contact their Associate Dean to discuss their situation. Mark Clague can assist undergraduate students, while Jason Corey  can assist masters and specialists students.

The SMTD Covid-19 Student Emergency Fund is open to applications from SMTD undergraduate, masters, and specialist students. International students are encouraged to apply. To receive a grant, students must be in good academic standing with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and be currently enrolled in an SMTD major or graduate degree program or on an officially approved leave of absence with plans to return to campus. SMTD Rackham students are eligible for Rackham Graduate Student Emergency Funds.

The application is available online and can be submitted at any time. Click here to get started.

Students eligible to submit a FAFSA are asked to do so, as documentation of financial need will strengthen a proposal. International students who cannot submit this US Federal form remain fully eligible for funding, but may wish to document need in their application.

Priority will be given to students with demonstrated need who do not have access to other emergency funds on campus, such as funding from the Center for the Education of Women or the University’s Office of Financial Aid. See list here for additional resources.

Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis once the application is complete.

It is recommended that students also be in touch with a faculty advisor, department chair, or associate or assistant dean as these individuals may have knowledge of additional sources of support or advice on how to address financial and educational needs.

Students are encouraged to explore additional avenues of emergency support, including U-M’s Dean of Students Office, the Center for the Education of Women, the Rackham Graduate School, and U-M’s Office of Financial Aid. Students may apply to more than one source of support and still remain eligible for the SMTD fund.

For students who qualify for need-based financial aid, this award may impact the amount of loan or grant monies provided. SMTD will help you assess any unintended impact of an SMTD emergency grant and work with you to maximize your support.

SMTD may review your financial aid profile in determining this award.

SMTD will continually monitor these criteria as the situation evolves and updates may be made in response to changing circumstances.