Alumni Board

The SMTD Alumni Board comprises 15 volunteer members appointed on a rotating basis to serve a maximum of two consecutive, three-year terms. As representatives of all disciplines of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, the Board provides support for programs and endeavors outlined by the School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

The Board is a body of individuals who:

  • Inspire and stimulate among alumni an enduring connection to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance and the University of Michigan;
  • Partner with the administration of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance to advance the programs of the School;
  • Recognize exemplary School of Music, Theatre & Dance alumni through annual awards.

Current Board Members

Anthony Alterio – Hamburg, NY
MFA ’16, dance

Chess Avant-Garde – Los Angeles, CA
BFA ’18, theatre

Amy K. Bormet – Cheverly, MD
BFA ’06, jazz

Andrés Holder – Boston, MA
BFA ’10, design & production

Ryan Hourigan – Muncie, IN
PhD ’07, music education

David Myers – Minneapolis, MN
PhD ’86, music education

Marvelene Moore – Knoxville, TN
PhD ’77, music education

Gregory Patterson – Warren, MI
MFA ‘87, dance

Christina Reynolds – Los Angeles, CA
BFA ’03, theatre

*Brandon Scott Rumsey – Ann Arbor, MI
DMA ’17, composition

Courtney Snyder – Ann Arbor, MI
DMA ’09, conducting

Howard Watkins – New York, NY
MM ’89 and DMA ’98, piano

Paul Winberg – Chicago, IL
BFA ’86, musical theatre

LaTonya Woods – Detroit, MI
Attended ’99, viola

Nathaniel Zeisler – South Pasadena, CA
MM ’02 and DMA ’07, bassoon

*denotes Chair

If you have any questions about the SMTD Alumni Board, please contact staff manager Jessica Woodman at