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CMS Webinars, hosted by the College Music Society Committee on Musicians’ Health (Gail Berenson, Chair)

Athletes and the Arts – What Musicians Can Learn from Athletes; Randall Dick and John Snyder; Fall, 2015

A Musician’s Guide to the Brain: What We Need to Know and Why; Lois Svard; Spring, 2016

Addressing Issues on the Maintenance of Health and Safety in a Music Program; Linda Cockey; Fall, 2016

Challenges and Opportunities for College Professors Regarding Inclusion of Mental Health Courses in the Music Curriculum; Julie Jaffee Nagel; Fall, 2016

Demystify the Voice; Rachael Gates; October 20, 2017

The Emotional Practice Environment: How Thoughts and Moods Can Influence Muscle States and Injury Risk; Jennie Morton; December 8, 2017

Hearing is Our Business: When a Musician Suffers a Career-Ending Hearing Injury; Janet Horvath, MFA; October 19, 2018

Hearing Wellness for Music Educators; Heather Malyuk; Fall, 2016

How to Prevent Practice Wear and Tear from Progressing to a Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (PRMD); Serap Bastepe-Gray; Fall, 2016

Mindfulness Practice for Collegiate Music Students and Faculty; Vanessa Cornett; Fall, 2016

Playing With Pain: When Too Much Music Becomes a Problem; William Dawson; November 17, 2017

Providing Collegiate Music Students the Same Healthcare that Collegiate Athletes Get; Jeff Russell; September 15, 2017

Sleep: The “Key” to Successful Music Making (& How Not Getting Enough Impacts Musicians); Pamela Pike; September 21, 2018

The Role of the Teacher in Keeping Our Students Healthy; Gail Berenson; February 16, 2018:

Team Teaching a Wellness Course; Linda Cockey, Pat Lamboni, and Robert McBrien; March 23, 2018

Vocal Health Protocols in Academic Institutions; Emily Martin-Moberly; Fall, 2016