Wellness Events

This page provides an overview of the types of events Wellness offers. Please refer to our main events feed for upcoming events and event registration.

Partnering with Michigan Medicine specialists, we offer clinics for physical pain, hand problems, and hearing conservation.

Take Care of Yourself: 8 Week Meditation Session

Are you feeling the stress of being overcommitted? Is your mind always jumping from thing to thing? If so, then this 8-week 30-minute meditation sessions are for you! We will explore different forms of meditation such as breathing, body scanning, walking and hearing meditation. Through mindful attention to the present moment, meditation can help us navigate the stresses of everyday life and find inner peace. No meditation experience needed. Free and open to all SMTD faculty, staff and students. Led by Paola Savvidou.

Medical Arts Group Piano provides group keyboard instruction for students in the Medical Arts Program. Weekly classes are taught in the Moore Building on North Campus by a School of Music, Theatre & Dance Graduate Student Instructor, and the program is supervised by Dr. Paola Savvidou, SMTD Wellness Initiative Program Manager & Adjunct Lecturer in Music (Piano) and Dr. John Ellis, Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy. Open to U-M medical students.

To learn about a student’s experience in this class, visit the Medical Student blog page.

Performing Arts Medicine and Rehabilitation Symposium

Co-hosted by MedSport and SMTD this one-day event is geared towards healthcare professionals and performing artists. Sessions include topics such as injury-prevention, recovery, mental health and a team approach to treatment. Open to SMTD students, faculty and staff.

Shake It Off

Relax and shake off that end of the semester stress with Therapaws, snacks and meditation crafts! Co-hosted by EXCEL, CAPS, and the SMTD Wellness Initiative.


Incorporate group exercise into your weekly routine with our walking, running, or yoga groups.

Flu Shot Clinics

Protect yourself against the influenza virus this season by getting your flu vaccine for free at one of our clinics.

Wellness Workshops
The Wellness Initiative offers workshops for staff on topics such as self-care, gratitude, meditation, and well-being in partnership with MHealty and FASCCO.