Michigan Muse Magazines

The Michigan Muse is the SMTD alumni magazine, published twice annually in fall and spring. All alumni should receive a copy in the mail. To register or change your address, please visit the Leaders & Best Alumni & Friends page.

  1. Spring 2015

    In this issue:
    • 100 Years of Theatre & Drama
    • Creating the 21st Century Artist
  2. Winter 2014

    In this issue:
    • The Kendall Decade
    • Performing Arts in the Digital Age
  3. Spring 2014

    In this issue:
    • Collaboration Nation
    • The Win-Win Legacy of PPLP
  4. Fall 2013

    In this issue:
    • Rhapsody in Maize & Blue
    • The Road to Success is Paved with…. SCHOLARSHIPS!