1. Rogério M. Pinto, Stephen Rush, and Amy Chavasse receive faculty recognition awards

  2. The Evolution of SMTD: An Insider’s Account of the Transition from a Classic Music School to a Comprehensive School of Performing Arts

    Professor Emeritus of Music and Dean Emeritus Paul Boylan served as dean of the School of Music (later renamed the School of Music, Theatre & Dance) from 1979 to 2000. He also served as university vice provost for the arts during that time. Boylan joined the faculty in 1965 and was active as a teacher…

  3. Michigan Medicine and their approach to the treatment and prevention of performers’ ailments

    Professional musicians are athletes. That’s not just a metaphor — at least not for the speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, laryngologists, vocal coaches, and other providers who care for them at Michigan Medicine.

  4. SMTD faculty researching Visualizing Telematic Performance

    The physical gestures that chamber ensembles and other musicians enact in order to seamlessly perform ‘as one’ include cues such as a fleeting glance, a subtle nod of the head, or the rise of the torso. These physical gestures are the root of how musicians share vital information to one another – empowering them to share ideas and stay open to improvisational interpretations.

  5. Henry Ford’s Ghost Confronts Complex Legacy in New Film by U-M Professor

    Why did you undermine Edsel? How did the “working man’s friend” become the enemy of Labor? Why did you hate Jews? These are three of the 10 questions posed to the ghost of Henry Ford in a new film produced, written and directed by Andy Kir­sh­ner, an associate professor at the University of Michigan Stamps School…