1. Strike Up the Band: U-M alumni teachers dominate in music classrooms across Michigan

    Chances are good that if you or someone you know has taken a music class in Michigan in the last 70 years, it was taught by a University of Michigan graduate. More than 400 U-M alumni are now at the helm of hundreds of elementary, middle and high school music classrooms across the state

  2. Alumnus David Gier named dean of SMTD

    David A. Gier, professor and director of the University of Iowa School of Music, has been appointed dean of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. His appointment, approved Thursday by the Board of Regents, is effective Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30, 2023. Gier, who also was named the Paul…

  3. U-M Bicentennial’s Fall Festival will feature “A-Maize-ing SMTD” concert and more

    The University of Michigan continues its Bicentennial celebrations over Homecoming weekend with the UMich200 Fall Festival, taking place Thursday, October 26 through Saturday, October 28. The focus will be on the next 100 years and what the University of Michigan will be as it moves forward. SMTD will again play a major role in the…

  4. Making Music, Working on the Soul

    Whether in local schools, arts organizations, or abroad, young people around the world are being taught by dedicated and creative pedagogues who have studied music education at SMTD. Here, we highlight a small group of music educators who are making a difference in their field. Each received teaching certification when they obtained their undergraduate degrees….

  5. Always Inspirational, Forever Valiant: A Bicentennial Appreciation for the Performing Arts at Michigan

    The University of Michigan Bicentennial marks 200 years of extraordinary research, education, and public service. According to U-M’s official history, the institution was founded as one “that stresses both the life of the mind and the life of practical achievement; that is both broadly accessible and devoted to educating the leaders of the future.” While…