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Meilu Ho

Assistant Professor of Musicology

Meilu Ho received the PhD and MA in Ethnomusicology and Music from the University of California, Los Angeles, and the BA in History from Stanford University. Before joining the University of Michigan, she taught at the University of California, San Diego, and the Science University of Malaysia, and was a visiting fellow at the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, the University of Iowa.

Professor Ho’s outlook to the study of music is comparative and historical. Theoretical issues that engage her are power, experience, religion, hybridity, and diaspora. Her area interests span West Asia to Southeast Asia, with a research focus on the Indian subcontinent. She is currently embarking upon a study of the ghazal as a trans-Indian Oceanic genre.

Meilu Ho’s doctoral work concerned the Hindu liturgical music of the Vaishnava, Pushti Marg community of India, which she contextualized historically in terms of its relationship with the Hindustani, classical vocal tradition. She is presently completing a monograph on the subject.

Her articles and reviews appear in Dehejia, H. (ed.), A Celebration of Love: The Romantic Nayika in the Indian Tradition, The World of Music, Asian Music, and the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. Publications on the Malay court ensemble (nobat) and an ontology of musical experience are forthcoming in Ethnomusicology and a guest series of The World of Music. She has presented papers in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Professor Ho has been a journal reviewer and a sub-editor (Pacific Review for Ethnomusicology). She has served the Society for Ethnomusicology as student Council Member and has been on the Seeger Prize selection committee. Her awards and prizes include the Phi Beta Kappa, Graduate Distinguished Scholar, and Chancellor’s Dissertation Award from UCLA; the Charles Seeger Prize from the Society for Ethnomusicology, and a Junior Fellowship from the American Institute for Indian Studies.

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