Edit Rooms

Two nearly identical multipurpose Edit Rooms are available to PAT students for audio and video editing, mixing, and recording. Sound isolation treatments also make these rooms perfect as isolation booths for recording projects, and individual or small group rehearsal for electronic music. Using the Dante digital audio network or analog tie lines, signals can easily be routed to or from the Edit Rooms for recording or performance projects. The Edit Room computers have a robust suite of specialized audio and video software aligned with the Music Technology Lab, including ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live, Adobe Creative Suite and Premiere, FinalCut Pro, Max, Sibelius, Finale, and many more.

Each room contains:

  • 27-inch Apple iMac computer
  • 32-inch external secondary LCD display
  • USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
  • MOTU 8M AVB/Thunderbolt Audio Interface
  • Presonus Monitor Controller and Headphone Amplifier
  • Dynaudio BM6a MKII monitor speakers with BM9S II subwoofer (Edit Room 1)
  • Neumann KH120 monitor speakers with KH805 subwoofer (Edit Room 2)