DEI Student Ambassadors Program

The DEI Student Ambassadors Program empowers a diverse group of current SMTD students who serve to strengthen our community by engaging with and
learning from leaders in society and each other.

Our student ambassadors are not only diverse in their age, gender, race, and sexual orientation; but also in religious affiliation, political views, and experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Ambassadors are encouraged to create their own projects with support from the DEI Office!

Do you have interest in learning more or becoming an ambassador? Email

Past Ambassador Events and Trainings Highlights:

  • Ambassador Share Out Event with Imani Winds
  • Doughnuts with Differences: Freedom of Speech
  • Political Diversity Workshop with We Listen
  • Race and Gender Diversity with Omar Thomas
  • Religious and Philosophical Diversity Workshop

“As a champion of racial and ethnic equality, I found it extremely helpful to learn about inequalities other communities face on campus and beyond, specifically those
victims of gender and sexual misconduct, ableism, and poor socioeconomic status. I refuse to be selective with my justice and empathy.”
Ciale Charfauros BFA Theatre ‘21
DEI Dean’s Liaison 2018/2019, Founder of Pass the MiC Podcast




“DEI work allows me to create a space to exist, to welcome other people into that space, and to be the person that I needed when I was excluded.”
Elizabeth McLain, PhD Musicology
advocate for students on campus with disabilities






“Being a DEI ambassador inspired me to start my own
student organization. I also got to connect with other
SMTD leaders on campus and focus on my work with
DEI framed in an arts setting.”
Johanna Kepler, BFA Dance ‘20
Founder and President of Arts in Color Student Organization